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  1. Mejora3 years ago

    I've had 3 of my daughters-in-law friends on the end of my dick, dirty ladies

  2. Samumi
    Samumi3 years ago

    If I were this person , I would SERIOUSLY seek out someone in Hospice and ask them about what to expect to endure. This is not something you can Easily do. It will take a lot of time, and a lot of sleepless nights. This is what Hospice is all about.

  3. Tojazuru
    Tojazuru3 years ago

    5:30 my beloved fuk.position

  4. Gutaxe
    Gutaxe3 years ago

    Not just one. That was just an example. My boys have also run across it. You only have to read the news to see that it gets overblown at times.

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